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dr sharareh jafari is expert in General, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Shahid Beheshti University , she is working in the field of plastic surgery specifically since 1382, Over the years , she has passed numerous scientific activities and practical courses to learn new techniques in plastic surgery in abroad (Vienna, Germany, Dubai) She works with variety of liposuction devices (Mechanical, lipomatic, Laser lipolysis)  and she got the great success in the results of abdominoplasty and liposuction surgery Also, dr sharareh jafari has very distinct results than her colleagues in breast plastic surgery (breast lift, breast augmentation and breast reduction) by making the prosthesis So that the way of dr jafari is satisfied because of limited incision , also she has considerable expertise using new techniques to fixing Breast tissue on the shelf And outstanding form in the breast tissue There is very important matter in dr jafari services to use the skilled anesthesiologist physician That is with the patient during surgery and anesthesia , and in this case, anesthesia complications is very low she is careful to use safe drugs and good surgical techniques and she has high sensitivity and accuracy in the result In dr jafari services it is considering all individuals like to family and friends and for all people apply the same care and precision

Some of dr.sharareh jafari specialties 

Shahid Beheshti Medical Sciences University (mp)

Expertise of Shahid Beheshti Medical Sciences University the fellowship of plastic surgery from

Vienna general Surgery since 1382

great experience in surgical liposuction (lipolysis, lipomatic )

Abdominoplasty and correction of breast disease and breast plastic surgery Rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, Fat Trasfer , botox and fillers injections Sculpturing